Chapter 11


Chapter 11

  Edmund expected that the White Witch would start being nice to him, but she wasn't. The Witch  asked for the dwarf to bring some food and drink to Edmund and he broght an iron boul with some water in it and an iron plate with a hunk of dry bread on it, but the boy refused it. When the Witch looked at him with a mad face, he apologized and began to nibbloe at the bread. While he was chewing the first dwarf came back and announced that the sledge was ready. The White Witch went out, ordering Edmund to go with her. They went into the sledge and the Witch asked Maugrim's to go to house of the Beavers with the swiftest of his wolves and to kill whatever they find there and if they've already gone they can overtake these humans before they reach the Stone table, but the wolves didn't find them in Beavers house. Meanwhile the dwarf whipped up the reindeer, it was a terrible journey for Edmund, who had no coat, because it was very dark and cold and he would have given anything to meet the others at his moment - even Peter! Later the sledge has stoped and they met fox. The fox told to the White Witch that   the Father of Christmas had come to them. Then the Witch turned the fox into a statue and Edmund for the first time felt sorry for someone besides himself. Later Edmund noticed that he was feelind less cold and also that it was becoming becoming foggy. The sledge jerke dand it kept on jolting as if it had  struck against stones. Suddenly they heard strange noises like rustling, chattering. The sledge got stuck and they had to walk. Every minute the patches of green grew bigger. Wherever  you looked instead of white shapes you saw the dark green. Soon there were more wonderful things happening like noise of water growing louder, the sky became bluer, the trees began to come fully alive and so on. Spring came to Narnia !


Imagine you are Edmund in CHAPTER 11:

How do you feel when you see all changes in nature?

I have very strange feeling, because in Narnia is always winter and now it came spring. Also I think that it's great, because the weather is warmer, there is no snow and ice, the nature is beautiful and so on..

Are you afraid of Aslan? Why?

Maybe a little, because I think that Aslan is strange. I don't believe that he is doing all changes in nature, but if he realy do it so I afraid of him.

How do you react to the White Witch behaviour?

I'm glad that she is angry and scary, because I don't like her, but also I'm a little bit worry, because I don't know what she gonna to do.


5 Words from chapter 11
1. Hunk - riekė, gabalas - a large thick piece, especially of food
2. Stale - senas, sudžiuvęs - no longer new or fresh
3. Nibble - kramsnoti - to eat something by taking a lot of small bites
4. Brat - vaikigalis - a child, especially one who behaves badly
5. Obey - paklusti - to do what one is told to do

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