Chapter 12

Chapter 12

  Miles away the Beavers and the children were walking on hour after hour. Long ago they had left the coats behind them. They had been just as suprised as Edmund when they saw the winter vanishing and the whole wood passing in a few hours or so from January to May. They all knew when this magic spring began that something had gone wrong, and badly wrong, with the Witch's schemes. The children were pretty tired so they didn't hurry so much and they allowed themselves more rest and longer ones. When the sun got low, they were clibing up to uphill. In the very middle of this open hill-top was the Stone table. While they were looking around they heard a sound of music on their right and turning in that direction they saw what they had come to see, Aslan! Aslan stood in the centre of a crowd of creatures. There were a unicorn, centaurs, horses, giants, leopards and so on. The lion congrats them and asked where is the fourth? Then Peter said that it was his fault and Aslan said nothing either to exuse. The lion shook his mane and clapped his paws together and said, "Meanwhile, let the feast be prepared. Ladies take these Daughters of Eve to the pavilion and minister to them." When the girls had gone Aslan showed to Peter a far-off sight of the castle. Aslan showed to Peter Cair Paravel of the four thrones, in one of which he must sit as King. Suddenly they heard sister's horn and saw Lucy and Susan in trouble. Peter didn't feel  very brave, but he rushed straight up to the monster and aimed a slash of his sword at its side. He fighted as good as he can posibble to do and he killed the monster, but a moment later they saw another centaur, eagles and wolf. Aslan told to go after them, because he will be going to his mistress and is chance to find the Witch and rescue the fourth Son of Adam. Aslan remembered to Peter that he always have to clean his sword.


Children have been in Narnia for quite a while now:

Do you think they already feel and act as if they belong there?

I think yes.

What arguments would you give as evidence of this?

They feel good becouse everybody see them like kings of Narnia, because the legent says that they will  surmount the White Witch and  also in real life nobody respect them like in Narnia.


5 words from chapter 12:
1. Dense - tankus - thick
2. Currant - serbentas - small black grape
3. Faint - silpnas - weak
4. Blade - ašmenys - a cutting part of a knife
5. Blame - kaltė - fault

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  1. Comprehensive summary also pictures very nice. But I have not found second qusetion. :(

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