Chapters 9-10


5 Words from chapter 9

1. Spoil - sugadina - to destroy or reduce the pleasure, interest or beauty of something
2. Stammer - sumikčioti - to speak or say something with unusual pauses or repeated sounds
3. Reckon - tikėtis - to think or believe
4. Crept - prisėlino - to move slowly, quietly and carefully, usually in order to avoid being noticed
5. Dwarf - nykštukas - in stories for children, a creature like a little man with magical powers

5 Words from chapter 10

1. Path - takas - a way made across something
2. Sack - maišas - a large bag
3. Vanishing - išnykimas - beginning to disappear
4. Dagger - durklas - a knife or short sword
5. Mercy - pasigailėjimas - kindness towards a person

Chapter 9
Chapter 9 wrote about how and when Edmund escaped and where did he went..
  All four children, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver were eating a dinner and talking about Aslan and the Stone table. When Edmund heard about Adam's flesh and Asam's bone, he quietly turned the doorhandle and had got outside into the snow and coutiously closed the door behind him. Edmund forgot his coat and it was very cold and dark around him. But he still was going to the White Witch's house. When he reached it, the boy looked inside into the courtyard and saw the lion turned into stone. He though that, that lion was Aslan and Edmund scribbled a moustache and spectacles on his face. Later he turned away and saw more stone statues. Then he went farther and saw a wolf. The sun of Adam said to wolf about his sisters, brother and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, because he was very scared. And then they with the Secret police went into the hall. Here they met the White Wich but she wasn't very happy because Edmund wasn't with  the other son of Adam's and doghters of Eve's, but the witch calme down, because the boy told her where they are...

Chapter 10

  Susan, Peter, Lucy, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver left the house and they started their journey. They were walking and walking and Lucy was very tired, but she was still walking. All kids and beavers went into a little hole in the bank to get some sleep. When they wake up notised that there was no Mr. Beaver and also they heard a sound of jingling bells. They thought there is the White Witch. When they heard Mr. Beaver voice calling them to come out.When they came out they met Father of Christmas. He was a huge man. Father Christmas gave to all presents.To Peter he gave a shield and a sword. To Susan he gave a bow and a quiver full of arrows and a little ivory horn. To Lucy he gave a little bottle of what looked like glass and a small dagger.


How did the author surprised me?

Author suprised me when he wrote whole book with very interesting words and the scenes are very interesting. His thoughts and ideas are very good, so I think that everyone have to read this book or see a movie. 

If you would could create a short video, what scene would you choose to make, why?

If I would create a short video I would choose to make scene when Peter, Susan, Lucy, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver met Father Christmas, because I think this scene is very interesting and very important. In this scene they all get presents who are very helpful.

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