Chapter 13

Chapter 13

When Edmund had been made to walk far further than he had ever known that enybody could walk, the Witch at last halted in a dark valley. Edmund simply sank down and lay on his face doing nothing at all. He was too tired even to notice how hungry and thirsty he was. The Witch and the dwarf were talking close beside him in low tones about the prophescy and about Cair. When they were talking at the moment with a rush and a snare a Wolf rushed up to them and told that he had seen children with Aslan at the Stone table. The White Witch asked wolf to summon all her people to meet with her here as speedily as they can, call out the giants, Minotaurs, Boggles, Ghouls, Ogres  and so on because we will fight. The great brute bowed its head, turned, and galloped away.
  Then the dwarf set Edmund with his back against a tree and bound him fast. He saw the Witch take off her outer mantle. The Witch told to prepare the victim. When the dwarf was sharpening a knife, Edmund heard loud shouts from every direction. Then he found he was being untied. Strong arms were round him and he heard big, kind voices saying things like – “Let him lie down – give him some wine – drink this – steady now – you’ll be all right in a minute. “
  Then Edmund heard the voices of people who were talking to one another about The White Witch, but when they were talking Edmund went off in a dead faint.
  Presently the centaurs, deer, birds all set off to go back to the Stone table, carrying Edmund with them.
  When the other children woke up next morning the first thing they heard from Mrs. Beaver was that their brother had been rescued and brought into camp late last night. When they had eaten breakfast, they met Edmund and he was apologizing of them. Before they had time to fell really awkward one of the leopards approached Aslan and said that the messenger from the enemy who craves audience came. Then the dwarf came and said that the Queen of Narnia and Empress of the Lone Islands desires a safe conduct to come and speak with him. Aslan said that he grant her safe conduct on condition that she leave her wand behind her at the great oak.
  A few minutes later the Witch met with Aslan and children on the top of the hill. The White Witch said: “You have a traitor there, Aslan. Have you forgotten the Deep Magic? “
  Then she said that every traitor belongs her as her lawful prey and that for every treachery she has a right to a kill. Then Aslan said to go back because he want to talk alone with the White Witch and they all obeyed. Everybody was scared and wondered about what they were talking.
  At last Aslan said that they can come back. The Witch was just turning away with a look of fierce joy on her face, then she stopped and said, “ But how do I know this promise will be kept? “ Then Aslan roared loudly and the Witch with her lips apart fairly ran for her life.


Why did Aslan's creatures, that came to save Edmund, could not find the Witch?

Aslan's creatures, that came to save Edmund, couldn't find the Witch because she had escaped.

What do you think Aslan told Edmund?

I think Aslan was talking to Edmund about  what he had said to the White Witch, what questions she was asking, about Edmund's betraide, that he forgive him.

What was the Stone Table used for by the Witch?

By the Witch the Stone table used for kill who is a traitor.


5 Words from chapter 13:
1. Prophecy - pranašystė - a statement that says what is going to happen in the future
2. Forced - privertė, priverstas - done against your whishes
3. Proper - tinkamas - real, satisfactory, suitable or correct
4. Bare - nuogas, plikas - uncovered or naked
5. Dew - rasa - drops of water that form on the ground and other surfaces outside during the night



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